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The Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) is responsible for maintaining over 1,300 miles of county roads. Managing the growth of weeds, brush, and low-hanging roadside tree limbs occurring in the road right-of-way will increase a motorist’s ability to see warning signs, other traffic, pedestrians and animals crossing the road.

Benefits of Brush Control:

  • Eliminates noxious weeds
  • Reduces asphalt deterioration caused by trapped moisture
  • Soil erosion control
  • Beautification of county roads
  • Improvement in road drainage
  • Provides shoulder space for the motoring public in emergencies
  • Reduces damages to vehicles from low hanging limbs
  • Increases the distance a motorist can see vehicles, children and animals along the sides of the roadway
  • Removes vegetation that may obstruct traffic signs

How Do We Control Brush?
Most commonly, CCRD uses a machine called a boom mower to trim the roadsides (small debris will be left behind, but will later be cleaned up by a crew and brush chipper).

Due to the infrequency of brush cutting on a given portion of road, the foliage and roadside will typically appear severe in appearance when the brush has been cut. Keep in mind that over a period of 12-24 months, ground cover and foliage will return, but at a lower rate. Please be patient with us as we are trying to make the roads a safer place to travel.

Mowing is another alternative to brush control; however, it is expensive and sometimes not a safe option.

If the terrain is rough or inaccessible, we may spray the area with chemical control agents to control brush. The herbicides used in the brush control program have been approved for use in the road right-of-way near human activity areas and environmentally sensitive areas including bodies of water.

Cutting The Brush Yourself
If you decide you would like to cut brush in the road right-of-way, there is an application process, specific guide-lines to follow and possible permit fees associated with doing this type of work. For safety’s sake, you must meet CCRD guidelines. If the guidelines are not met, we are obligated to stop this work immediately.

Applications are available at the CCRD Office and they can be mailed to you. You can also find right-of-way and other permit applications on our website here.

CCRD considers roadside maintenance a team effort and is pleased to have property owners as partners in this vital safety program. This joint effort is a plus, both for the CCRD and the property owners.