Proper Mailbox Installation

///Proper Mailbox Installation
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Proper installation of mailboxes along Calhoun County roads is very important. Mailbox posts can be made to be so strong that they will not yield when hit. We’re concerned about this problem and hope that by increasing awareness of it, we can avoid death and injury in Calhoun County.

Materials and Construction:
Mailboxes must be constructed of sheet metal, plastic or similar weight materials and shall not exceed 11 pounds in weight.

  • Mounting posts shall be either a single 4” x 4” square wood post, a 4” diameter wooden post, or a metal post with a strength no greater than a 2” diameter standard steel pipe.
  • For multiple mailbox installations, mounting posts shall be the same as above and the crossbar shall consist of a 4” x 4” wooden post.
  • Posts shall be embedded no more than 24” into the ground. A metal post may not be fitted with an anchor plate, but it can have an anti-twist device.
  • Mailbox height should be 42”-48” from the bottom of the box to the road surface.

Exceptions to these requirements may only be made by the Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD).

Calhoun County has an established house numbering system that has been established to facilitate the identification of structures in order to protect the public health and safety by enabling a quicker response time by police, fire, ambulance and other emergency services, and to provide for more efficient delivery of public services such as parcel postal delivery.

In accordance with the Calhoun County Addressing Ordinance, both sides of the mailbox must display the
address number and not be obstructed by other mailboxes or newspaper delivery boxes.

Removal of Unsafe Mailboxes/Newspaper Boxes:
Mailboxes that do not conform to the previously noted requirements will be considered unsafe. CCRD will immediately notify the homeowner/business by mail, and they will be granted not less than twenty-four
(24) hours or more than thirty (30) days to remove the unsafe mail and/or newspaper box.

Mailboxes Damaged by CCRD Equipment : A service request received for the damage/removal of an existing mailbox by CCRD equipment (e.g. snowplows, mowers, etc) will be replaced with a 4”x 4” post and a standard mailbox, as long as the mailbox conforms to this policy. If the mailbox does not conform to this policy it will not be replaced by CCRD.

Mailboxes damaged due to the force of the snow thrown will not be repaired or replaced. CCRD does not repair or replace newspaper boxes.

Rules and Regulations

Location of your Mailbox:
The roadside face of the box should offset the following distances:

  • Paved Roads with Paved Shoulders: 6″
  • Paved Roads with Gravel Shoulders: 6″
  • Paved Roads with no Shoulders: 6″
  • Gravel Roads with no Shoulders: 6″
  • Curbed Streets/Roads: Flush with the back of the curb.
  • On subdivision streets with barrier curb—the face of the mailbox shall be placed a minimum of 18 inches
    behind the face of the curb.
  • Intersection: When a mailbox is located at an intersection, the box must be a minimum of 100’ beyond the center of the intersection in the direction of the postal route.