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Do I Need to Apply for a Driveway Permit?
Yes, if you plan to develop, split or upgrade a parcel of land in which a residential driveway approach connects to a public road.

Why Do I Need to Apply for a Driveway Permit?
The Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) is entrusted to provide for the safety and welfare of the motoring public and strives to ensure that all driveway approaches meet or exceed minimum requirements for public safety, proper drainage and road maintenance needs, and minimizes exposure to liability.

What Gives CCRD the Authority to Require a Permit?
CCRD derives its authority pursuant to Michigan Public Act 200, as amended, and issues driveway permits by regulations promulgated there under.

How Does the Permit Help Me?
Municipal and county building authorities will require a copy of the CCRD driveway permit for your location prior to issuing a building permit. In addition, the specifications included on the permit will assist you or your contractor in the proper construction of your driveway.

What If I Want to Upgrade My Driveway?
Grading an existing access or placing gravel does not require a permit; however, if you are upgrading a driveway to a hard surface (concrete or asphalt), a permit is required. Also, any time there is a change in property use, a permit is required.

How Do I Apply for a Permit?
Application packets are available at the CCRD Office, by mail, or on our website here.

How Much Does a Permit Cost?
Permit fees are subject to change each year. Please contact our office at 269/781-9841, toll free at 800/781-5512, or click here for current permit fee information.

Applying for a Permit?

  1. Complete a permit application form. Be sure to include all information required. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  2. Include a sketch or survey of the property that includes the nearest crossroads, driveway location and structure location (if a structure is being built).
  3. Submit the applicable fees.
  4. CCRD staff will inspect the driveway location and recommend any changes
  5. Upon receiving the permit, the prescribed work may be completed in accordance with the terms of the permit.
  6. Driveway permits are valid for one year.

What Other Information Do I Need to Know About the Permit Process?
A proposed location will be required to meet CCRD specifications for sight distance and drainage; therefore, staking is required 24 hours prior to applying for the permit.

How Long Does it Take to Issue a Permit?
CCRD completes application review and field work within 8-10 business days, provided that all information is complete and correct.