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Motorists in Calhoun County must be informed about the roads they travel. The Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) communicates with motorists by installing signs along the roadsides. Sign requests are reviewed by our staff to determine if additional signs are necessary and/or suitable for a given area.

Program goals:
The goal of the sign program is to provide information to motorists. This information should assist the motorist in operating their vehicle in a safe manner.

Road sign basics:
Road signs enable the motorist to decide on where and at what speed they will travel. Signs are usually located in a specific area to ensure the best communication with the motoring public.

National standards have been developed by the Federal Highway Administration and have since been adopted by the State of Michigan. The Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices is used by CCRD to consider sign improvements. The key to sign location is that it should not be redundant or confusing to the motorist.

Stop signs:
Because the Stop Sign is a substantial inconvenience to motorists, it is only used where warranted. If you see a stop sign that is down or notice one is missing, please notify 911 immediately.

Signs requests:
CCRD receives many calls about signs. Oftentimes, a sign may be missing or in need of repair. When a new sign is requested, CCRD staff review the request to determine if an additional sign is warranted.

  • Standard sign: Standard signs are those that are the most familiar to the motoring public. They are installed in accordance with national standards and state regulations that are consistent with the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Necessity: CCRD staff review sign requests on a case-by-case basis. Too many signs, signs that are confusing and signs that do not provide useful information to the motorist can contribute to traffic crashes.
  • Local information: To determine if a sign is warranted at a specific location, CCRD staff review accident reports, traffic volume, posted speed limits and other traffic engineering data.

Please report road sign issues to the Calhoun County Road Department at 269-781-9841 or toll free at 1-800-781-5512 or click here.