For Immediate Release
Contact: Kevin S. Henning, Managing Director

The Calhoun County Road Commission is prepping for the Blizzard of 2011. Our winter operations are staged at three locations throughout Calhoun County. We have garages in Battle Creek, Marshall, and an agreement with Albion DPW to operate out of their Albion Garage.

The salt garages are full and the equipment is ready. However, here are a few things to remember when we face blizzard conditions. Roads that have just been plowed may quickly drift causing substantial amounts of snow to accumulate, especially in rural areas.

Roads are plowed on the following priority basis: State Trunkline Roads, County Primary Roads, County Local Roads, then streets and subdivisions. During significant snow events often State Trunkline and County Primary Roads may require more attention than County Local or Subdivision Streets.

The Road Commission maintains over 1,300 miles of County Roads and over 450 miles of State Trunkline routes throughout Calhoun County. We have 48 licensed equipment operators that will be working 12 hour shifts during the storm.

Sand and and salt mix is used sparingly during significant snow storms due to its ineffectiveness. We anticipate using material more after the storm breaks during our cleanup efforts.

Motorists should be reminded to travel with caution, allow more time to your destination, approach all hills, curves, and intersections with caution. Additional winter safety tips follow:


For Property Owners

    Don’t plow snow across the road or shovel snow from your driveway onto shoulders or roadways. It is a violation of the Michigan Vehicle Code, as well as a traffic safety hazard.
    Park vehicles away from the road and follow local parking ordinances related to snow removal.
    Keep rocks, timbers, fences, basketball hoops, garbage bins, reflectors, and other items away from the road.
    Keep your mailbox and post in good condition and located behind the curb or beyond the shoulder of the road. Clear the area around your mailbox to assist in safe mail delivery and to help prevent damage to your mailbox. CCRC will only replace existing mailboxes and/or posts with a standard metal mailbox and 4” x 4” wooden post, and only if they have been damaged by our equipment, not due to the force of the thrown snow and ice.

For Children

    Never build snow forts, dig tunnels or play in ditches or snow banks by the road.
    Keep well away from the edge of the roadway while waiting for the school bus, getting the mail, or watching the snow plow.
    Stay away from the end of the driveway when a snow plow is approaching.
    Keep sleds and toys away from the roadways at all times.