The Calhoun County Road Commission (CCRC) will be performing chip and seal operations on the following roads beginning on August 10, 2011, weather permitting.

  • C Drive North, from 13 Mile Road to Myron Avery Drive
  • 14 Mile Road, from J Drive North to L Drive North
  • J Drive North, from 13 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road
  • H Drive North, from Verona Road to 14 Mile Road
  • 17 ½ Mile Road, from Old 27 to L Drive North (please note that 17 ½ Mile Road turns into J Drive North)
  • 16 ½ Mile Road, from Marshall City Limits to F Drive North
  • 25 ½ Mile Road, from Division Drive to B Drive South
  • B Drive South at 25 ½ Mile Road
  • 29 Mile Road, from J Drive South to M-60
  • J Drive South, from the Albion Township Line to 25 ½ Mile Road
  • C Drive North, from 29 Mile Road to 30 Mile Road
  • Monroe Road, from T Drive North to 26 ½ Mile Road
  • Duane Street, from Markham Avenue to Michigan Avenue
  • 4 Mile Road, from Battle Creek City Limits to B Drive South
  • D Drive South, from M-66 to 4 Mile Road

Crews will be on-site from approximately 6am – 4pm, Monday – Thursday.

The chip and seal process is a moving operation that consists of applying a thin layer of oil followed by a layer of small stones. This process improves the existing road by sealing cracks to prevent further damage by water, ice, snow, etc. After the process is completed, loose stones may be present. This will lessen as vehicles travel the road and the stones are compacted into the road surface. Please follow all speed advisory signs; traveling at speeds in excess of those advisory signs may spray the stones and damage the roadway.

Please note that chip and seal operations are dependent upon dry weather. Rain showers or even the threat of rain showers will delay seal coating.

Please do not park vehicles on the road. Any vehicle that is parked on the road during this time will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Your road will be closed and access denied for a short period of time during the chip and seal process.

Thank you for your patience as we improve your roadways. If you have any questions regarding these projects, please contact the CCRC office at 269-781-9841 or email us.