Gravel road maintenance is on its way!

Gravel roads develop ‘potholes’ very similar to asphalt roads during spring thaw. Frost is pushed up through the road bed, causing voids in the road surface similar to asphalt roads. However, gravel roads are not patched. Instead, motor graders and plow trucks use belly blades to smooth the gravel surfaces back out. This process can’t begin until all frost is out of the roadbed.

Additionally, we try and wait until there is going to be a dry stretch in the weather before beginning this project. Should a rain event come along after a road has been freshly graded, the road is likely to turn into a very muddy mess, making travel nearly impossible.

After inspecting several of the gravel roads throughout the county and looking at our upcoming weather forecast, we will begin grading our gravel roads on Monday, March 21st. We will have a motor grader and plow truck out grading our gravel roads. We have just over 160 miles of gravel roads and it will likely be seven to ten days before all gravels are completed.