2018 East paving bid package

2018 West paving bid package

Posting bids for East and West Local and Primary Paving / Paver Patching.  All bids must be delivered to Calhoun County Road Department @ 13300 15 Mile Road Marshall MI 49068 via sealed envelope by Friday March 16th 2018 at 10:00 AM.  Bid opening in the lower level conference room (please use rear south entrance to building).  This is not a prevailing wage job.  We do not require bid bonds.  All bids submitted must acknowledge any and all addendums. Submit any questions via email to foaks@calhouncountymi.gov



Bid comparison for the last couple of years was requested.  Please see attachments.

BidComparison-2017 West HMA

BidComparison-2017 East HMA

2016 BidComparison-W Primary pp

2016 BidComparison-E Primary pp


For both East and West bids locations and quantities may vary depending on budgetary constraints. CCRD reserves the right to adjust quantities and locations throughout the County.