Calhoun County is accepting sealed bids for the purchase of two parcels of property:

    1. ID#15-140-015-00, on H Drive North, in Marengo Township, and
    2. the portion of ID#15-331-003-00 and ID#15-321-003-00 south of Wilder Creek, on Division Drive in Marengo Township.

Both parcels are excess property not in use by Calhoun County. Parcel #2, if sold, will be transferred subject to a conservation easement prohibiting the construction of any residence or other permanent structure on the parcel. Any transfer of either parcel will be by quit-claim deed and the premises will be transferred “as is” and “where is”.

The county will prepare the deed and the buyer will be responsible for any surveying costs, realtor/agency fees, recording fees, and any other costs related to the sale. Payment will be due in full, by cash or certified funds at the time of the transfer of the premises.

The county reserves the right to reject any and all bids and the final approval of any sale shall be solely within the discretion of the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners.

Sealed bids should be signed and submitted in writing on or before 12pm on March 29, 2013, to:

    Richard Lindsey
    Calhoun County Corporation Counsel
    315 West Green Street
    Marshall, MI 49068