So far, 2011 has proven to be very busy and very expensive for the Calhoun County Road Commission (CCRC). In January and February alone, snow and ice removal costs grew more and more every day and exceeded budgeted amounts. In fact, 25% of our annual winter maintenance budget was spent on just one storm event!

The CCRC spent over 1,700 man hours and a total of $174,650.46 cleaning up after the February 20th ice storm. Included in those costs are equipment, labor and materials.

Our 2011 winter maintenance budget is $725,000, and as of February 28th, we have spent a total of $767,631. That means we’re over budget by $42,631 already with winter still upon us. To make up for the overage, we will begin cutting some summer maintenance programs, such as sealcoat on primary roads.

The Calhoun County Road Commission is on a calendar year budget; therefore, additional amounts need to be set aside for November and December 2011 snow removal. Typically, the Calhoun Co. Road Commission likes to have 20% of the total winter maintenance budget available for the year end winter months. This means that additional cuts of nearly $150,000 are likely to impact the 2011 Preventative Maintenance Sealcoat Program. The Road Commission had planned on sealcoating 76 miles of primary roads this year. We will have to reconsider which roads will be taken off this list as we look to cut between 10 to 15 miles to adjust for winter maintenance overages.

Ice Storm Cleanup   (02/20/2011 – 02/28/2011)
Snow & Ice Removal
Equipment $76,673.63
Labor & Fringe $61,044.63
Material $26,315.24
Total $164,033.50
Tree Removal
Equipment $4,827.03
Labor & Fringe $5,789.93
Total $10,616.96
Snow, Ice and Tree Removal $174,650.46

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