The Calhoun County Road Commission (CCRC) was asked to assist with debris removal from the May 29, 2011, storm that swept across the county. Once all roads were open to first responders, the road commission continued to remove debris from the right-of-way. Removal of that debris was focused on areas where the debris was encroaching on the roadway, as well as areas deemed to be a safety hazard.

Road commission crews continued to remove debris from the right-of-way through June 30, 2011, making over 1,100 trips to the community compost center. Over 15,000 cubic yards of debris has been picked up, mostly from Emmett Township. The road commission has invested nearly 4,000 labor hours and approximately $300,000 on cleanup efforts.

While focusing on debris removal, potholes throughout the county remained unfilled. Beginning July 1, 2011, the road commission changed gears back to roadway issues.

“We continue to assess the remaining debris piles and are developing a plan to share with township, county and state officials,” explained Managing Director Kevin Henning.

With over 1,300 miles of road to maintain, there are a number of items that can cause unsafe traveling conditions for motorists throughout the county. Those items, such as potholes, tall grass at intersections and drainage issues, become a priority. The number one goal of the road commission is to provide roadways that are safe for travel.

State officials have earmarked $250,000 for the State Disaster Relief Fund administered by the Michigan State Police. We are waiting to hear how this fund operates and how this money can be accessed. Our hope is that any recoupment of costs already expended on behalf of the road commission would provide funding to subcontract the remaining debris pick up. Subcontracting the remaining debris removal will allow the road commission to remain focused on repairs to the roadway itself.

While we finalize our assessment and seek financial assistance for the remaining cleanup efforts, we ask residents to please stop hauling debris to the road right-of-way. Residents wishing to dispose of their storm debris can still take the debris to the community compost center located at 19646 Division Drive in Marengo Township.