Calhoun County Road Commission crews have been working around the clock since Sunday night’s storm that tore through the area.

Tens of thousands were left without power, and several streets were closed due to the debris.

Crews have been focusing on removing the trees that fell, but the problem has been compounded by the fact that many of the trees took out power lines, so removal has been a slow and lengthy process.

Because of the storm damage, Consumers Energy customers in Calhoun County may not see power restored until late Thursday evening, according to a news release.

The National Weather Service says the storms that moved through the area on Sunday developed in Southeast Nebraska, Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri, north of a warm front that was separating mild weather to the north from hot weather to the south.

They say the storms ran into warmer and more moist air, therefore strengthening as they reached lower Michigan.

Weather forecasters say there is a slight risk for more severe storms on Tuesday afternoon and evening.