Calhoun County, MI – The Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) is scheduled to start preparing county gravel roads and applying brine on county gravel roads during the first week of June. Applications will start in Homer Township. All gravel roads should be completed in three weeks. CCRD will be putting down two brine applications this year. Crews will be applying 2,500 gallons per mile in June, and 2,000 gallons per mile in August, depending on weather conditions.

CCRD will be paying to have all of the certified gravel roads in Calhoun County brined with two applications. This program helps to preserve gravel roads and improves safety for motorists.

The costs for this practice are covered in a large part by the new road funding bill passed in late 2015, which will provide an in-crease in funding for roads in Calhoun County starting in 2017.