Any activity or use of County road right-of-ways other than for highway travel purpose requires a permit from the road department. Permitted activities are: driveway construction, utility installation, soil disturbances of one acre or more OR which are within 500 feet of a wetland, lake or stream, seismographic exploration and oversize or overweight transport. Standard mailboxes without a permit in the road right-of-way are allowed. Permit applications, mailbox installation specifications and road right-of-way standards are available at the road department office. Permits are required for any type of work that is done in the road right-of-way by utility companies, surveyors or any other person or agency.

Items which are not legal in the road right-of-way are: fences, retaining walls, sprinkler systems, ‘invisible’ pet fences, landscaping, rocks, boulders, berms, light posts, filling existing drainage ditches or dumping debris, planting trees, shrubs, or vegetation that may have the potential of obscuring vision at intersections or signs.

Your cooperation will help to keep our roadways safe for vehicle traffic and reduce the future maintenance expense of our county road system. If you need a permit, please contact the permit department at 800-781-5512 or 269-781-9841. Permit descriptions and application forms are located to the left.