MARSHALL, MI – Almost everyone knows what a pothole is, and can identify patches placed on roads by our work crews. Do you know what shoulder restoration is, or deberming? How about grading or spray patching? These are just a few of the things our workers do to improve and maintain county roads. Here are some photos that showcase the skills of our road workers.

Deberming a shoulder removes sod and excess material from the edge of the road, allowing for positive drainage.

Surface grading allows a gravel road to have a crown in the center and slope gently to the edges, removing bumps, holes and rough spots.

A rubber tire roller compacts gravel along the edge of a road to complete shoulder restoration.

Spray patching is a combination of crack sealing and pothole filling at the same time. It allows for broader coverage of patching material.

As the name implies, paver patching allows large sections of road to be patched by laying pavement, making a smooth finish.