Earlier this year, the Calhoun County Road Department received $500,000 in funding from the Michigan Department of Transportation for the resurfacing of Raymond Road from Michigan Avenue to Verona Road in Emmett Township. The funding was part of the State’s Priority Road Investment Program (PRIP).

In preparation for the resurfacing project, a new and innovative process was implemented by “spray patching” damaged areas of the road surface in August. Much like a dentist fills a tooth cavity, the road department filled and sealed numerous deep cracks and crevices in the 9-inch thick pavement with a special mixture of oil emulsion and stone aggregate, which will help to seal off moisture and prolong the life of the new 2-inch asphalt surface.

After allowing ample time for the spray patch material to cure, contractors milled off a thin layer of the deteriorated asphalt road surface last week. This procedure removed 2 inches of material along the curbs to allow for a tight fit of the new asphalt, and tapered out to zero inches of removal at the center of the road. The milling procedure essentially shaved off the rough road surface along with remnants of excess patching material in order to create a smooth surface and a secure bond with the new asphalt.

Weather permitting, Lakeland Asphalt will finish resurfacing work on the main roadway yet this week, with paving of the approaches and application of pavement markings to follow next week.

In an effort to promote safe multi-use roadways throughout Calhoun County, pavement markings will include the addition of “share the road” stenciling and signage for bicyclists in the right lanes.

Calhoun County Board Chairman, Derek King, said, “This project is funded by a special one-time appropriation from the State of Michigan, and we are all very thankful for their investment in this road. It has been one of our highest priority projects and it will greatly improve travel conditions for many of our residents and visitors.” He added, “This resurfacing project is a great example of our road department’s
new direction, leadership, and ongoing innovation efforts.”